Interactive meeting with women in Oguta.

Interactive meeting with women in Oguta held on the 24th of February, 2022 at Wereuche Villa Hotels Oguta. The meeting was aimed at discussing harmful socio-cultural norms and practices affecting women and girls in Oguta; especially the issue of widowhood practice and inheritance right. The meeting had representative from the national human rights commission; Barr. Okoroji who talked intensively on equity and fairness. The consequences of violating the rights of women and girls as stated in the constitution and the VAPP law. The traditional prime minister of Oguta who was also present at the meeting pledged the total support of the palace in ending widowhood practice and denial of inheritance. He said the traditional ruler is aware of these issues and have vowed to bring it to a stop. The women applauded the efforts made by CCC and pledged to take the message to the different women groups and social clubs in Oguta to call out women to stand up and defend their rights.

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