Oguta and Akabor VAWG women capacity building (1)

Training Of VAWG

Executive Summary
Day one training of the VAWG response team was held on the 10th 0f August 2022 at 18 ups golden hotel.
The training engaged all the different VAWG response team across Oguta, Akabor and Ozuhu Omuma, the police division of Oru East and Oguta Headquarters and the social welfare representative from Oguta LGA. The training mainstreamed and helped the participants understand more the concept GBV, their participation in ensuring community surveillance, case finding and documentation. Participants from the various team shared experiences and some challenges they have faced. More so, they learnt new guidelines regarding the laws related to gender based violence and the different strategies to achieve success in case finding and reporting as well as addressing issues around rape (Sexual violence).
The topics discussed were based on GBV/community surveillance and case finding/documentation.
They participants were engage in a group work during the sessions of the training to ensure effective participation and also elicit if they understand the process and strategies used in ending violence against women and girls in their various communities especially as stakeholders.
The facilitator Mrs Pearl God’s light provided more insight using their different group presentations on how to end violence against women and girls in the different communities.
Using the training facilitation and different analysis an agreement for a communique to be raised in regards to the agreements was made.

The day one training had 23 participants and 4 coordinators.